Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How To Find And Fix Hacked Content On Your Site?

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how to secure website from hackersHas your site ever been affected? Getting hacked is commonplace for websites in recent times, including the ones with all the security precautions in place. Sometimes, you will know when your web site is hacked. But not always. Hackers can try to manipulate your users by not allowing their presence being felt by you instantly. They may silently create spam pages, and then use these for their suspicious needs, such as redirecting users to other unwanted locations/sites. It's very important to find out about hacked content on your web site, and resolve it almost immediately. This post can guide you!

How to check for hacked content?

Suspicious activity

In some cases, Google may point out a hacked website in search result pages. If you notice such a warning sign for your own website that must be your first and most easy clue that something there is definitely wrong. Look at the following example:

Also remember to keep a vigilante eye out for any sort of other suspicious activities on your site. This might possibly consists of new pages appearing on your website. Going through a site search of your website will can help. In some cases, you may possibly see new web directories cropping up within your site's directories. So on a regular basis keep reviewing the files and directories of your website for any sort of suspicious activity.
You may also set up Google Alert for any suspicious activity on your website. For instance, creating a Google Alert for [site: yoursite.com (casino|kamagra|adult porn|gaming|betting house)] etc, will inform you by email when any part of the assigned keywords are found on your site.


Unnatural queries on in Webmaster Tools

The Search Queries area in Google Webmaster Tools displays the queries which contain returned URLs out of your site in search results. In case your website is hacked, you may see some kind of unpredicted queries during the past couple of days.

Email forwarding in Webmaster Tools

If Google recognizes that a site could possibly be hacked, you will in most cases receive a message in your Google Webmaster Tools dashboard relating to the issue. Despite the fact that who has the time to visit the GWT inbox daily? For this, you've an alternative, and can create email forwarding to your particular email address. Google will not identify all types of hacked content material, but it however will give you a combating chance with the typically seen ones.


How to fix hacked content?


Stay informed

The Security Issues area in Webmaster Tools display you hacked pages of content Google has already noticed on your website. In addition, it will give you appropriate details to help out you revive your hacked website. Always make sure to go through this information so you may successfully fix your website.

Protection from potential attacks

It is far better to keep websites from getting hacked rather than clean up hacked content material. Hackers usually make use of security weaknesses on mostly used site management software. Let me share some tips to maintain your site protected from the hackers:
  • Always keep the software up-to-date which operates your site.
  • And if your website management software tools provide you with security bulletins, sign up to receive the useful updates.
  • In case your software for your website is handled by your web hosting provider, just be sure to choose a provider that you can actually rely on to preserve the security and safety of your site.
Hope these tips will help you! Please don't forget to provide your feedback in the comments area below. Likewise feel free to ask queries. Kind regards :)
Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What is a Blog? What is Blogging?

9:21 PM
Blog and Blogging: Essential Things You Need to Know
Blogs are created for various purposes, and blogging has become a social phenomenon that tends to evolve and develop over time. Since individuals are now living in a web based environment, there is a higher tendency that they get more exposed to blogging and its significance.

Though increased numbers of individuals are completely familiar with blogging and on how to make a blog for money or personal expression and pleasure, there are still remaining individuals who are in need for further explanations and clarifications about blogs. These are means of satisfying their queries and misconceptions about blogging and all other essential aspects connected to it.

How to Start a Blog
Blog Defined
A blog is a general term referring to websites that maintain constant chronicle of information. This features diary-type contents and commentaries and links to other articles or sites. Blogs focuses on different subject matters, and these can be linked to online money making and personal pleasure. Blogs are composed of few things in common and these include content area that is arranged in chronological order, archive of articles, links, feeds and means on how individuals leave comments.

Blogging and Reasons to Blog
Blogging is defined as an act of writing blog posts, and this is somehow similar to writing a journal. Blogging also pertains to every skill that is required to manage and run a blog. The skills include SEO or Search Engine Optimization, publishing, editing and writing posts, social media marketing and more. You need to write interesting and appealing contents because it was then that you can confidently tell that you are into successful and profitable blogging. There are actually countless reasons to blog but despite many reasons unveiled, one thing remains certain and that is blogging, when done the right way promises significant gains. The top reasons to blog are as follows:
  • Blogging is simple and free
  • Blogging helps individuals build online credibility
  • Blogging is an effective and interactive tool
  • Blogging can help you earn more money
  • Blogging can benefit your business
  • Blogging increases market share
These are only few of the countless reasons why people decide to blog. Other reasons are improved SEO, expert status, establishing visibility, building relationships, enhancing level of professionalism, keeping site visitors updated and the list goes on. Business individuals are advised to use blogging as their means to speed up success. Blogging helps them solve problems with prospect and customers. When you produce more quality blogs you can expect for higher subscription rate. This means more leads and more potential customers.

How to Start a Blog
Anyone can start blogging and with the help of the essential tips and techniques, a blogger can successfully meet his or her goals. Here are some helpful ways on how to start a blog and make blogging simplified:
  • Choose a particular subject for your blog.
  • Use blogging software and choose the software that is easy to use and highly capable of meeting your needs.
  • Customize blog based on your preferences.
  • Write preliminary blog post and post regularly.
  • Update your blog.
Blogging has become popular and widespread and millions of individuals are now creating blogs for their own distinct purposes. You can rely on these helpful ways to start a blog with ease.

Over to You!
Let me know your favorite blogs? Are you planning to create one or you are a blogger at present? What are your passions about blogging? Do you have any questions on blogging?
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